Additional Information

Mission Statement:  It is the mission of CMCAC to provide excellent, low-cost administrative support to companies who are looking for an alternative to their administrative needs.  Through our commitment to our customer,  we will  maintain the highest standards of administrative  support  by only offering you the support your business  needs.  CMCAC is committed to low Price, quick response to your needs, Immediate  customer service, Dependability  and Excellence in  your experience.  At CMC Administrative Consulting, we take PRIDE in our work.  

Executive Profile–P E Carter owner of CMCAC has administrative experience  that  spans  decades.  Along with small business management skills and a love for administrative work,  P E Carter created this alternative support system as a labor of love and to allow for administrative support beyond the office - with the speed of the internet.  Always just what you need; no more - never less.



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