Why should I use CMCAC for administrative assistance?

  • For new businesses, the cost of hiring someone full or part time along with the added expenses of healthcare, equipment and rent could hurt your bottom line, which is money best spent growing your business. We are here to assist you at that critical time between start-up and starting to see a profit.  For entreprenuers  on the go growing their business, our services can take care of your paperwork wherever you are with just an email.  For more established business we are an alternative  to replacing that admin out on leave or vacation, and/or the continuity of service during the hiring process.   

Why is e-business smarter than the classic way of doing business?

  • The world is changing and in a changing world, business practices must change as well.  There is nothing wrong with hiring a full or part time administrative assistant if that's what you need and can afford.  This service isn't for everyone.  However, for new businesses, entreprenuers or even established businesses looking to cut costs, it's perfect.  Our free consultation will assess your needs and decide if we can assist you.

Is this a temp agency?

  • We are not a temp agency; we don't send an employee to you.  We work with you to fulfill your administrative needs.  By using an Internet based business model, we can complete your requests and they will be available to you over your phone, tablet or computer - wherever you have internet access - wherever you are.   Our sevice allows you handle your business while we handle your paperwork. Period.